Spirit of 1966

30th July 1966. Wembley stadium.

England v West Germany

A momentous day on home turf for England.
Red shirts worn proud and a job to be done –
to win the World Cup and raise the Jules Rimet trophy high.
No slow settling in – the game is on from the moment the whistle is blown.

Early West German strength reaps the first goal – the first time England have been led in the competition. The lead is only theirs for minutes, then it’s Geoff Hurst from Bobby Moore for the equaliser.

1:1 at half time, and no clear sign of mastery on either side, the teams are quick to return to the field to establish glory.

Many chances – the collective breath is held and released, the roar of 96,924 builds and falls – but the score remains 1:1.

And then: Peters scores; England leads. But even with only 13 minutes left, 2:1 will not be the final score. A free kick to Germany leads to Weber’s goal – and 2:2 for Extra Time.

Hurst’s second goal – Was it? Wasn’t it? - puts England back in front, and sealing the deal, as the sands of Extra Time slip away, his hat trick puts England’s win on firm footing. It’s 4!

It’s history.

It’s 1966.

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Spirit of 1966

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